About Me

My career as a professional DJ began in the summer of 1999 with my first appearances at a well-known cafe-bar of the time, as well as to my first wedding party in a central hotel. It was a matter of time for me to realize that this is the only job I want to do in my life. So after some time I gave up my studies in computer science to focus entirely on music and DJing, a decision that I have not regretted until now.

The decades have passed, the dream of a career in DJing has become a reality, and now I have realized that it doesn't matter where I have played or with whom I have worked with. What I find important is to be able to maintain an authentic lifestyle as a real music lover who is in love with what he does, and at the same time he strives constantly to improve and evolve in the object of his profession.

Every day I listen to and collect music of almost all genres and engage in activities such as updating my music website, creating radio mix sets and compiling music lists for streaming services. I still buy vinyl records and organize with diligence my digital music collection, thus constantly updating my DJ sets.

Throughout these years, I am behind the decks as a resident or guest DJ, having played in high-end bars, restaurants and clubs, in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. I have also taken over hundreds of wedding and private parties representing well-known events companies, until 2019 when I decided to set up my own DJ services company. The top quality of these services enables me to cover musically some of the most spectacular parties in our country.