What happens when the event venue lacks audio and lighting equipment?

My clear goal is a specialized DJ service, so I do not provide audio and lighting equipment alongside it. Ιf there is any such need, I work with some of the best production companies to ensure a top-notch supply of the required equipment.

Do I need an appointment for an offer and a co-operation?

It is not necessary. It is clearly your choice whether to make one or more appointments. If your time is limited or you are outside of Attica, you can contact me to send you the offer electronically and then the private agreement to validate our cooperation.

We also have the ability to follow the My Method process completely electronically, since most of the day I am able to reply to messages and calls as soon as possible.

How does the final price for a wedding party and private event come about?

Every wedding party needs to be perfect, so I fully apply the procedure described in My Method. The final price is based on the destination of the wedding party.

Each private event has different requirements, which determine to what extent My Method must be applied to achieve a top result. Therefore the event requirements along with the destination, determine the final price.

Why does the destination of the party influence the final price?

When the party takes place outside of Attica or outside of Greece, I need to spend extra hours or days on my trip. As a result I will be deprived of these hours of other music work, as well as committing the previous or next date of your event.

What legal charges and costs are included in the final price?

The final price includes 24% VAT with a receipt or invoice. In the event that the party is held outside of Attica, the final price includes fuel and food costs, but the accommodation and transportation expenses are charged in addition.

How many months before the party do we need to get in touch?

The sooner the better! I can only serve one event at any given date, so my availability is limited. In addition, in the case of a wedding party, it would be advisable to have at least 6 months to apply the My Method without a time limit pressure.