My Method


Initially we have a relaxed conversation, to get a first glimpse of your taste and aesthetics. I listen carefully the way you imagine the perfect music for your event.


I treat every party as a unique event, playing the music you and your loved ones enjoy. This way you will have real fun and this mood will be transmitted to your guests as well.


To make that happen, I tailor my decades of knowledge and experience to your favorite songs and genres of music. Their listing is done with a specially designed online playlist or in any other way that suits you.


All the time before the event we stay in constant contact, holding as many meetings as possible. In the interim, we communicate online via email or messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber).


I respond as soon as possible to any desire, regarding the design of the music for the event. When the big day comes, I attend at the venue long before the arrival of the guests.


Lossless audio files and state-of-the-art DJ equipment (Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 - from 01/09/20) complement the existing sound system perfectly. The harmonious music flow and the appropriate changes to the songs ensure never-ending fun.


For a high demanding result, excellent physical fitness is an equally important factor. In addition, a good mood and smile contribute to the transmission of positive energy during the party.


The certainty that everything will go smoothly is also guaranteed by the presence of a second DJ with his equipment next to me. So I have the opportunity to always give my best in case of long and demanding events.


Elegance is a must on every special occasion. Good manners and formal behavior, along with the signature of Impero Uomo Sartoriale's store, ensure a presence worthy of the level you desire for your event.


Throughout the party, I do not photograph or videotape any of your precious moments. I publish only a small part of the photo album, which will be kindly given to me after the end of the event.


At first I listen carefully to how you imagine the perfect music for your bar, restaurant or club. I collect essential information such as the general philosophy, the desired clientele and the goal you want to achieve through music.


Given this information, I choose the appropriate music for your venue. Extensive knowledge, decades of experience and immediate adjustment to the particulars of each night, ensure the success of my choices.


Every week I dedicate lots of hours to updating my music library with new releases and older releases. In this way the music is not repeated, as many new songs are heard in each of my shows.


Lossless audio files and state-of-the-art DJ equipment (Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 - from 01/09/20) deliver the highest quality in high-end venues. The harmonious music flow and the appropriate changes in the songs contribute to the perfect result.


Consistency in time of arrival, satisfaction of musical desires as far as possible, formal behavior and elegant appearance, contribute for a highly professional presence. At the same time I take for granted the issue of privacy, not posting photos or videos with faces.